Future News & Suspension in Spring – April 2018


The blossoms fall and the rains fall harder, and here we are suspended in the middle like a leaf in the mud – never sinking, never able to float free.

As always, thanks to those who have been following my strange little theatre of thoughts. I’ve only been building Blood Red Velvet since December but it seems to have amassed a nice following, which I appreciate greatly! ❤

Blood Ballet and Infinite Summer are two free books of mine coming out in the next few weeks. You can currently read Cosmic Love on my blog here via its tag or you can download it on my Smashwords page. You can also add it to Goodreads here if you want to help me out a bit. 🙂

Most of the reviews coming out the rest of March and early April I’ve already posted here, I’ve been careful not to add too many more to my review list or I won’t be able to finish them, but I do know for a fact that these will be added:

  • “Ebb and Flow” – Heather Smith (YA / Poetry)
  • “Dancing Bears” – Witold Szabłowski (Nonfiction / Social Issues)

I’ve decided to redesign my reviews slightly to explicitly include the genre and other things if applicable such as Goodreads page and release date if it’s not been out very long or is yet-to-be-published, just to make it easier to further research the book if you’re interested. For future art book or certain graphic novel reviews I will also be including photographs.

In a few days I am launching a Patreon page – I don’t really like to, but this will help me improve my blog and work and to possibly fix the medical issues which keep me from creating more. If you’re interested in becoming a patron, it will only be $1 US to officially become one, and comes with small rewards like free eBooks and participation in blog events.

-S.M., March 2018

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