Pernicious Plots, Plagues and Princes – NetGalley Picks and Reviews For Spring

Somewhat of a repitition, I apologize. I have been abnormally inconsistent with reviews lately, moreso than usual! Call it the chaos of being a jack-of-all-trades, but in truth, life has been unforgiving to me lately. When this happens, our work suffers more than us by far.

Never to fear though, I’ve got a shelf-load of lovely (mostly) new books whose reviews are in the works. Oddly, they seem to be on very specific but distinctly different themes – fairytale princes, dark plots, strange plagues and the whole cavalcade of mystery in-between. As a rule I tend to review genre-blenders, it’s nothing personal against single-genre books. 😉

Upcoming NetGalley approvals and newer books I’ll be spotlighting March-April – enjoy these beautiful covers:

Some other books that are also on the list for soon:

“The White Devil” – Justin Evans (Mystery-Horror)
“The End of Chiraq” – Javon Johnson (Poetry)
“Macaria” – R. Kitt (Paranormal)
“Kinder Than Solitude” – Yiyun Li (Mystery)
“Audition” – Ryu Murakami (Horror-Drama)

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