💖Blood Ballet💖 – Sample Haiku

Blood Ballet is a hesitant entry in my haiku collections. It is a ballet – but a silent one with a single, disjointed dancer who moves like a mannequin.

I love it no less than anything else I’ve written, but by nature it is… parasitic and strange, for lack of a better description. This mini-eBook, an improvement style-wise on the one before it**, will be available likely around mid-March for anyone to read or download. I dream of one day publishing these in paperback form as a big omnibus, but that may take time.


Shatter to marrow
Mania, a blood ballet
Shudder in the bones
The occult chill stabs
Through networks of thin nerve strands
Silence wakes the ghoul
Black cord, deep navel
Stark white room, a blood fetor
The stench of the loop
Organs churn a life
In secret beneath the grass
Softly, a heart beats

Blood Ballet’s book page.

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**(By the way, please let me know if you downloaded a copy of Cosmic Love which has mild errors – just small editing quirks which don’t detract from it, but I have attempted to fix it numerous times and it still occurs on some devices.)

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