Smashwords Author Interview Q+A

These are some of the questions I chose to answer for the Smashwords Interview program, which is very fun, if you’ve thought about publishing with them. I love this idea and thought I would share these with you.

1. What’s the story behind your latest book?

I had an image in my head of a man drifting through space, he was no longer himself but a parasite which had found him in the void, so I had sketched a drawing of this and somehow words formed from it. It sounds odd that a book called Cosmic Love should come from a galactic tapeworm, but that’s what caused it. The cover art is the same character from that picture but I changed it to look more retro and romantic than science-fiction.

2. How do you approach cover design?

Brutal yet haphazard dedication – I design my own and it’s a somewhat wearing (but worth it) process of sketching and digital clean-up. Not perfect maybe, but I love that it directly showcases the personality I had in mind for the book.

3. What motivated you to become and indie author?

Being able to write my own rules. No censorship and no frustrating waits. Also I feel that independent books are more accessible.

4. What do you read for pleasure?

Any and all flavours of books! I’m a flighty reader and like a variety, and I usually will do a theme for awhile before trying another genre. Like for example, read dark romance for a few weeks then move on to classic sci-fi.
Up at the top, permanently, would have to be horror. I can’t really explain it, but I have always had a deep appreciation for the genre, I suppose because I remember dreams much clearer and more fondly than real events, and that would include nightmares?

5. Describe your desk.

I grow planets and baby homunculi in test tubes, so there is something classy to sit on top of my piles of books. There is a clock whose hours are in algebraic equations, and often a dead crow can be found on the western edge, but other times he has flown away.

Please check out my books on Smashwords. 🙂


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