💖Cosmic Love💖 – Completed Cover & Free Poetry eBook

❤️Cosmic Love❤️ – Free Throughout February


Cosmic Love and Parasite of the Sun – two sets of poetry romantically infused into one. Solemn, dreamy and strange, they paint a vivid image of love and hurt in the wake of a unknowable future.

I am giving the short eBook Cosmic Love away for free. I at first was just going to give out review copies, but I feel this is a little more accessible, no?


The genre is haiku / dark fantasy, and it will be available for free indefinitely, though if you wish to help support this and other projects, a $0.99 copy will be available soon. The Smashwords will be optionally free or name-your-price after February.

Please help a budding indie poet by leaving a review on Cosmic Love’s Goodreads page, on its Smashwords page, or on your own blog. ❤️ I will be happy to repost your review if you let me know.

View the book’s page for more details.


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