Valentine’s Quick Fix – Dark Romance Recommendations

If you like a bit of blood in your sugar, these are a few book recommendations I have for the month of Valentine’s – a sweet but sinister mix of love and the macabre.

❤️ The Splintered Trilogy by A. G. Howard

One of my personal favourites, a creepy yet emotionally-infused retelling of Alice in Wonderland, crawling like the worms on a dead hare with surreal horror and beautiful writing. Also see my full reviews of Ensnared and Unhinged.

❤️ The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith

Nightmare meets reality – by far one of the better YA paranormal books, though I feel the first entry is the best. An otherworldly dream-crafter grows an obsession with a human girl, trapping her in a bizarre world of his creation.

❤️ Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

A sensual, decadent romance of Faerie. To me it seems much darker than your average eros, but for the better, if occasionally over-the-top.

❤️ Kwaidan by Jee-Yun

Kwaidan is an rather obscure graphic novel, despite being utterly beautiful. Fully printed in lavish ink and watercolour, reminiscent of traditional Japanese art. Star-crossed lovers reunite when they are reborn as a blind artist and a girl born without a face. An unusual mix of folktale and gruesome drama, with ill-fated love at its core.

❤️ Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

See my full review of this novel. Loosely inspired by the film Labyrinth, a surprisingly deep, eloquent and melancholy story about a romance encased in bitterness. It might as well be poetry.

❤️ Legend of Me by Rebekah Purdy

It’s not out until September, but I received an early copy for review and already recommend it. My full review will be up soon. Legend of Me is a young-adult novel with a definite Grimm flavour to it, just laced in lovely imagery and with solid characterization.

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