Book Review – Labyrinth Men by John Beach

★★★★★ 4.5 Stars

“Men are a borrowed breath, and then we’re done. We net the fish from a glistening sea, plow dirt, and farm ourselves out to someone, whose hands may shape us into poetry.”

Labyrinth Men is available for free read or download on Smashwords.
Beautiful, artful little indie gem of a poetry collection whose bright cover caught my eye. In eloquence and relateable words that say so much in just a few well-thought-out lines.

It is tricky to review poetry, as like art, one may take a completely different meaning, or see a vision that is not the author’s, so I don’t bother with in-depth analysis on poetry reviews. I feel it ruins the writing somewhat for those who have read the review. However, I will say that I found it to be melancholic and has a sense of the veil being lifted, of disillusionment, yet is also uplifting and charming. Some are amazing, a few are just okay, but none are bad. Wonderfully written chapbook.

Stand Outs – “Constellations”, “If Hearts Might Lie”, “Poles”, “Negotiating”, “A Nervous System Sensing”


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