Love Written in Blood – A Month of Romantic Horror


White roses bleed red from their stems, loving hearts lie split in two.

For the rest of February, I’ve decided to combine Valentine’s Day with a horror theme. It’s somewhat akin to a strawberry dipped in chocolate – except that the chocolate is actually the tar-like blood of an experimental homunculus that broke free of the underground lab.

This is partly in celebration of #Women in Horror Month on Twitter, a movement I’m very enthused about, being a woman working in horror and all. And either way, don’t romance and horror make such a beautiful couple any month of the year?

Anyhow, so what have I got in store for this occasion?

Later this month I have Cosmic Love, a short eBook I will basically be giving away, (though copies will be available to buy if you wish to support my work 🙂 ) but before that I have several art pieces I’ve saved especially for February. The ones I’ve chosen I feel depict a brutal sort of romanticism, or often outright surreal. Floating hearts, cannibal jealousy and darkly innocent love are in store for the next week, and I’ll be adding them daily.

Last but not least, for the remainder of the month I am sticking to these genres for book reviews as well, possibly both in the same book in a few cases. But I’ll let those be a surprise. 😉

-S. M., Feb. 2018

[Heart photo provided by Pixabay]


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