Book Review – The Somnambulist’s Dreams by Lars Boye Jerlach

★★★★ 4 Stars

Metaphysical mind-trip that breaks the walls dividing memory and dream, lucidity and insanity.
A unique debut about a lighthouse keeper who finds the strange diary of his predecessor, who as it turns out was a sleepwalker with oddly foretelling dreams. Or at least, this is the tale as it appears to our eyes…

The constant changing of shape and time is a heavy motif throughout. Via his dreams, the somnambulist Enoch Soule, finds himself transported to the past and future, from human form to animal, without ever leaving the lighthouse.
In many cultures, interestingly, shapeshifters or beings who you could say, move on a separate “wavelength” outside of human time, are regarded as fearsome things or even death bringers. In his dreams Enoch is met with this reaction, like he is a bad harbinger or an omen, even as he meets different forms of himself.

It’s likely that this book is the only of its species – it is intelligent, not self-conscious and is unafraid to shatter its own boundaries. Sometimes this can be confusing, perhaps meaningfully as the storyteller himself is quite confused about his dreams, but nonetheless is a thought-provoking novella that brings into question where the line is between sanity and reality, and whether there is a link between people who create.

“Time is never waiting.” the raven said, “It’s script-less and senseless. It’s never hanging around for anyone to catch up. You are dancing an eternal waltz to the sound of your own beating heart. When the music stops, time has already moved on.”


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