Book Review – Mistletoe Red by R. Kitt

★★★★ 3.5 Stars

Romantic, sly and intriguing. A “mistletoe” who can control and spawn plants from thin air, Sunday Merkwood, falls into a forbidden love with the beautiful blood-sucker Jamie Tepes. In the shadow of Romeo & Juliet, their families have long-standing animosity still flaming between them, and to make matters worse, Sunday’s family have already begun to arrange her marriage to another.

I enjoy the fresh concepts – different types of vampires comingling with other, more unusual magical sorts like the “mistletoes”. There are no mortals, either. Not one mundane old human to be found in this book! It’s truly difficult to add new facets to the vampire myth, so I like that this one changes it up.

For me the biggest positive was the dialogue, which is great fun. It’s like a tennis game of back-and-forth coy remarks. As for any negatives, I would’ve liked further explanation on the mistletoes and their abilities. It is somewhat a mystery even by the end.


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