Book Review – Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini

★★★★★ 5 Stars

Dreamscape compatible, human-friendly Earth literature… Mostly. One of the most bizarre books ever to be salvaged from a crashed spaceshi… I mean, published.
Codex is a homegrown, hand-drawn field guide to somewhere we can see from afar in the little corners of our eyes but never reach. Rings of blood become ladybugs, every insect, mammal and metal are all born from flowers, and most importantly – carrots can be siphoned out of potatoes. Marvelous.

Unlike its inter-species ancestor, The Voynich Manuscript, which was clearly written by an alien for aliens, Codex tastes better with lentils and doesn’t have as many side-effects. This book also enjoys being taken on leisurely strolls across the surface of Neptune, as you’ll know.
Though it’s beautiful and shows some truly intense dedication, unfortunately it’s not human-friendly enough to actually “read” it. Well, not without the same amount of dedication that went into writing it, at least.

Legible or not, truly awe-inspiring piece of raw, unadulterated imagination at work.

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