Why Create?

I often wonder why I do. Why bother with the process of creating anything? It’s vicious and straining and sometimes yields a big load of empty air and wasted ink, so why do it? Well, try to think. Life teeters on a balance of pleasure and pain – the reward in the end will be worth the short-lived process, after which you will have something to be proud of, even if it’s not exactly what you imagined it should’ve been.

Think of the act of creating as a potion – powerful, magic, definitely chaotic. The result is unpredictable, yet you will definitely have a result from it, even when everything else is gone. Sometimes it works slowly and seems bland, and other times it is vibrant and joyous, flavoured with life.

Creation will only give you back what you give into it. Remember that even the most disjointed and malformed pieces of art can always be reconfigured into something new, and no piece of art its creator puts heart into is “bad”.

A struggle I still suffer with is perfectionism, and it’s every artist’s, writer’s, and craftsman’s downfall, but I think I’ve finally come to grips with the sheer lack of perfection my work has. It’s fueled on illogical visions, so why should it have the logic perfection supposedly has to have?

Perhaps your work runs on something more sane, but still – there is a time for perfecting it, always. Until it is finished, don’t be too concerned with perfect. Be more concerned with voicing your message through your work, and making sure it survives the process to break through.

-S. M., January 2018

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