Addiction to Procrastination

It is never okay to procrastinate when it comes to your ideas and forming them into something real – a brutal but necessary evil of a lesson I have had much experience with over the past two years. Though it is a lack of getting things done, ironically the act of doing nothing in itself can become an addiction.

Hard as it is to break a habit-less habit, still what sickly, pitiful excuses one will come up with – “I drew a few lines today. That’s something, isn’t it? Better than nothing at all.” or “Well, some of my best friends are procrastinators, so that makes it alright for me.”

Whatever words you use to justify it can’t alter the fact that you’ve wasted that time, and that time is now forever irretrievable. Any curse you could cast can’t revive what you could’ve used well. Breaks are much needed but if we’re finding that all of our time is downtime perhaps that’s not something that we should get used to. As I’ve found, the regret grows awfully deep.

I mention this with the announcement of a lot of new artwork, which I’ve decided to release individually as well. They actually are not that new, but due to some personal issues have had to be put off for a few months, though I can’t say procrastination was part of their horribly late release. As always you can view them as they arrive in the gallery or on my DeviantArt.

-S. M., January 2018

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