Future News – January 2018


As a melancholy and eventless year dies, its funeral brings to life an unknowable new year. Here is a quick overview of potential things which freshly-born 2018 will bring to Blood Red Velvet.

Upcoming in January

  • Two batches of art for January, including a mini-series of ghouls, as well as one based around Alice in Wonderland.
  • A collection of my own haiku, likely self-published and will be available as an eBook or PDF download.
  • Many unpredictable and slightly logical reviews on many unpredictable books, including, but hardly limited to niche manga, indie poetry, horror classics and unusual photography books. Yet further exploration into stranger pages.

Hopefully, you may see these and find something new to love. Until then, wishing everyone a chaos-free and non-depressing New Year.♥️

-S. M., December 2017


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