Book Review – Mr. Monster by Dan Wells

About a year ago I made the chance discovery of Wells’ other novel, The Hollow City, which I have honestly not been able to find an equal of in its unique concoction of genres. A novel with zero flaws in my eyes. So of course what had I to do but to read literally everything else Wells had written? And absolutely *zero* of his books have been a disappointment, or even below a solid four-out-of-five stars.

I’ve read all of the John Cleaver series I can get my pseudo-human claws on. While they all have their own unique personality, none of them outdo Mr. Monster.
Massively addictive and perfecting on the blend of dark comedy, mystery and psychological horror the first established, it’s nothing short of awesome.

Creeping distress as another string of murders crop up in Clayton, this time even more calculated and evil in nature. I have to say, what practically forces this novel to stand out as a horror work is the scenes in the killer’s house towards the finale. As I don’t know where to begin without spoiling the trauma for you, it seems like an innocent house but only as far as the foyer. The further into the house they go, the madder and bloodier it gets. And for those who have had the pleasure to read this already, did you notice some of the minute details in the scene where John first sees the kitchen..? *shudder*

Darker, grimier and more stylish than the book before, Mr. Monster is what really establishes the John Cleaver series as one of the best mysteries I’ve ever had the good fortune to discover. A deep submerging into the nature of malice, and what is the right choice versus what is the kinder choice.

General – 5/5

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