Book Review – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Sweet, inspiring holiday classic to start the prelude to Christmas!

A relatively short read that practically radiates Christmas spirit from its pages, in tufts of snow and spices and emotion. In a day of materialism and violent holiday-shopping mobs, we need things like this especially to remind us of the original point of the holidays – to be thankful and appreciative of what we have, to enjoy it before they’re taken from our grasp by the flow of time.
No matter if you celebrate Christmas, don’t celebrate it, or don’t know anything about Christmas, the lesson still holds entirely truthful and valuable for anyone.

A Christmas Carol has the entire adventure buffet – humor, sorrow, imagination and even a bit of horror. And a main character who (rather famously) is forced to rethink his existence as a miserable, crotchety miser who only seems to cause discontent, to himself and others, by a trio of ghosts who pay him a visit.

Writing – 4/5
Characterization – 5/5
General – 4/5


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