Book Review – I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

“I’m a good person,” I said, “because I know what good people are supposed to act like, and I copy them.”

Shaky but enjoyable start to a brilliant series. An unusual witch’s brew of dark humor, bleak small town life and bizarre murder mystery that will likely lead to series addiction.

In my opinion, the more genre pools a book is dipping its many arachnoid feet in, it’s probably going to be an experience you will never find in any other book. That is true of the entire John Cleaver series, though this first one suffers from genre self-consciousness.
It’s as if it’s saying it wants to be gory, but not too gory. Humorous, but not so humorous you would remember it as a comedy. I Am Not a Serial Killer is not actually very sure if it’s a serial killer or not.
But it’s never in doubt that it’s worth reading, and the series definitely fits better into its own (or someone else’s?) skin as it progresses.

John “It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think When You’re Right” Cleaver is less to me antisocial as he is a narcissist. Of course, he never ever learns his lesson about trying to be a fearless freelance killer-hunter, and becomes the killer-hunted.
John is a well-characterized and, ironically, relatable protagonist despite the fact that he can’t relate to anyone.

Despite some initial unevenness, still fantastic and intriguing as a debut.
General – 4/5

2 thoughts on “Book Review – I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

  1. Personally, I loved this book. I think Dan Wells is one of the most underrated authors out there. This book hooked me, and I’m actually about to read the latest book. It’s next up on my TBR. I think a lot of what you say holds up, but for me, the conflict of a person who has every reason to be bad, choosing to be good, resonates with me. It’s a powerful conflict.


  2. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your thoughts on it 🙂 . I agree that his books are far too underrated, it is a wonderful series. It is an intense conflict, though I did feel it’s stronger as the series goes.


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