Book Review – The Moon is Always Bisexual by Bethany Ebert

“They say an unused heart eventually withers away and disappears. He stole my heart
and ran. This madman, reckless, undefeated demon, a punishment, collecting hearts like debts and stickers. I guess I’ll die and never get it back.”

It is like an act of love standing alone on a stage of disdain and sorrows. All too relatable and a bit wistful.
In equal halves, The Moon is intellectual and measured, yet raw and emotional. A volume of experiences in only a few pages, with though-provoking poetic commentary on how society thinks of gender, and the feminine and masculine.
To me, these words long to celebrate both femininity and masculinity, but convey pain that both are made into constrictions and brutal mockeries in our world rather than appreciated for the traits that make them, and the traits which overlap between them.

I have discovered a lot of beautiful indie poetry this year, and The Moon is Always Bisexual is no exception.

Poetic Gems – “Ode to Disdain”, “Goth Haiku”, “Cruelty”, “Villainous Thief”, “The Scapegoat, Drowned”
This is available to read on, and I definitely recommend.

General – 4/5

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