Book Review – Seeds of Anxiety (不安の種) 2 by Masaaki Nakayama

There’s something sinister in those black, ghostly eyes…
Seeds of Anxiety is possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever read. Its sequel is not quite as scary, but it still makes beautifully disturbing use of that art style and is a guaranteed discomfort-read, and it’s a little better than the confusing third volume.
The hospital one is my favourite – about an aggressive, malformed ghost that pretends to be a ‘baby’ and harasses the nurses of a maternity ward.
Something Seeds does as a series that makes it so unique is that it creates an utterly horrifying atmosphere while barely using any gore or violence.

A tragedy, but this series is not available in English yet. Fortunately you can get Japanese copies which are good for a learner, as they don’t have a lot of dialogue, and it’s good to be able to identify otherworldly horrors in two languages. Just in case.

Art – 5/5
Story – 4/5
General – 4.5/5

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