Blogging Blues – An Introduction

Welcome to Blood Red Velvet – I am the artist, writer and native novelty-shop reject, S. M. Shuford. You can call me M. By nature, I actually loathe doing traditional blogging. It’s a formulaic process to the point of being tedious, and a lot of people skim read the screen anyway. Say one wrote a vivid, provocative article on how a certain brand of cupcakes are slowly tainting the population with parasites, but most people will only recall it as “something bad about cupcakes” and now you’re hungry.

In other words, Blood Red Velvet will be mostly short articles, my book reviews and artworks – and non-formulaic as possible. My writing is not a significant source of Vitamin A, but perhaps you will find something pleasurable to read. Happy reading, and I wish you creative dreaming. 🙂



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